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Located in the core of London Ontario, ACTIVAID is a privately owned, full service boutique physiotherapy clinic.



Our mission at ACTIVAID is to eliminate and prevent musculoskeletal pain by restoring the body to its maximally functioning and efficient state. 



We strive to be a valued member of the community exemplifying heath promotion and generosity. 



Empowering our clients to regain their peak physical function

Improving our clients daily life experience

Educating continuously BOTH ourselves and our clients 

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Our goal is to assist you in attaining optimal musculoskeletal function through an integrated approach. We recognize the need and benefit of one-on-one treatment and utilize this approach every session. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a momentum of recovery and physical progress by liberating our clients to fully understand and be proactive in their journey of recovery.


Great attention is paid to individual progress and the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly with every visit. At ACTIVAID we employ a truly multi-dimensional approach and that, coupled with personalized treatment, results in timely recovery. As much as we love seeing our clients, our goal is to set them free from their ailments and not become dependent on chronic treatments. The experience at ACTIVAID will allow you to understand your body, your biomechanics, and enable you to be the force behind your recovery. 


Meet the owner

meet the owner

Mark Louzon


Fun loving and passionate about the human body and its capabilities, Mark leads his practice by example.  He is a Western Physio graduate with over 15 years of clinical experience that has taken him across North America rehabilitating an array of athletes from Olympic to recreational. He is an acupuncturist, with high levels of biomechanical analysis, manual therapy and experience with Active Release.  His multi-dimensional approach sets him apart from traditional physiotherapists allowing his clients to heal faster, compete at higher levels and drastically reduce the risk of re-injury. His main treatment goal is to correct underlying issues allowing a full, confident return to life and competition.

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